Kathy's Children's Books


Introducing... Goliath and the Great Race

Goliath might be small but he has a giant sized dream.
He wants to race with the big horses. Join Goliath as he seeks to accomplish the impossible.
Will he be able to overcome obstacles and race with the big horses? Find out in Goliath and the Great Race.

Milo And His Shell

Milo is a tortoise who has to learn to love who he is. Just like real life, that doesn’t happen the way he thinks it will. Join Milo as he discovers what really makes him happy.

Such a sweet story with a great message. The illustrations are adorable and the book is a fun read. Since I just got it I haven’t read it to my kids yet so I’m excited to see their reactions. I think they will love it. A great kids book with a great lesson that all people need to hear! Old and young.
— Laurie H.
I read this book to my 3-year old, and he really enjoyed it! What an uplifting story you can use to help children realize they are perfect just the way they are. I love how Milo comes home to his safe, warm house, and his mother doesn’t judge, but instead helps him to warm up, get a full belly, and get back into his shell. Such a sweet story!
— Meg P.

Tumptin's Sneeze

When food allergies threaten Kayla's best friend, Tumptin the elephant, she will do anything to make sure he is ok. A fun and educational illustrated book about food allergies.

Tumptin’s Sneeze is a must read if your child has food allergies, has a friend with food allergies - or has ever heard of food allergies! It is a book made to read out loud, with lyrical phrases and a move-along beat. Fun illustrations match the mood, and learning about food allergies was never so fun! Other important themes are explored too, from loyalty to problem-solving to community responsibility. A worthy addition to any home library, and a must for the pediatrician’s office.
— Rebecca W.
Tumptin’s Sneeze is a charming story about a beloved elephant that’s allergic to peanuts! This story is so fun, my little one loves to have it read out loud to her. We don’t have to struggle with Food Allergies in our home, but this book helped both my 3 year old daughter and I to better understand what it’s like to have a food allergy and to love someone with food allergies. This book would make a great gift for any child, especially anyone affected by allergies!
— Amanda B.