Kathy Penrod

About kathy

I was raised by two wonderful parents, who taught me to believe in the power of my dreams. Nothing was impossible, they told me, as long as I worked long enough and hard enough. They taught me there is always another solution to a problem. They taught me to smile in the face of adversity and to be undeterred by failures.  Most importantly, they taught me how to pray and rely on God.

Just before my senior year of high school I met my best friend. We talked of everything, laughed at the same jokes and shared similar goals. The more we talked, the more we got to know each other and the more we grew into love. Four years after meeting my sweetheart, we were married for all eternity and began our family in 1993. I realized that God had given me a sweet treasure when He brought Tim into my life. Tim, from the very start, believed in me and never once has tried to “clip my wings.”

With a supportive husband and babies at my side, I finally earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. Aside from my family, this is one of my proudest accomplishments. It would have been so easy to give up once babies entered our family but by taking one small step at a time, I finished.

I am now the mother to five beautiful children. I am truly blessed.They remind me frequently of God's love. They teach me every day and I want to be better because of their influence in my life.

My love of books reaches far into my childhood. But my love of writing was inspired, in part, by the never-ending persistence of my sister, who would NOT STOP pestering me to write. She was inspired. Once I began, I realized this is what makes me whole. It connects my thoughts to my emotions and provides such soothing comfort. I am so grateful that my sister didn’t give up on encouraging me to write.

My very favorite things to do are sewing, reading, photography and writing. There is a joy that comes from doing these things, a fulfillment of purpose and sense of contentment. Although I may never be asked to sing in public, it is also something I hold dear to my heart as music expresses the souls true desire. Music is in my blood, just not so much in my skill set.

All I am is tied to my firm beliefs and faith. I cannot separate myself from my faith without becoming a shell of who I am. All I can do, all that I have done, it is all because of my Father in Heaven and His eternal plan.

And that, my friends, is who I am.